Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Jude Law is so lovely in "The Holiday"

There are a lot of people who always watch and re watch the film "The Holiday" every time, I can say that because I'm paying a lot of attention continually for Tweets about Jude and I found that this movie is the most viewed from both categories: means Jude Fans (including me) and The others (lol).
Well I tried to get all the reasons pushing us to spend hours staring at Jude in that movie:

1. the High level of Hotness: It's the most important one and we can't deny it: Jude Law is HOT, it's a fact. I mean look below, it's like he had drank some elixir that made him look sooooo beautiful, everything are perfect: gorgeous lips very sexy, attractive eyes, sunny skin which make the color of his eyes dazzling, and even if he has some problems with his hairs, we can say they are fine, we love them!

2. The story: The writer of the Holiday is a genius, the idea to change houses and let  Jude Law knock at the door in the middle of the night...drunk. And at the end the fact to say good night and give a response to it with a kiss..A's the best scenario I've ever seen in my life!
In result for that, we all want such things to happen, specially for women who spends long nights alone, a lot of tweets about that :"I hope Jude will knock at my door this night"..yeah I hope that too.
What I can't understand is why he kissed her, is it because he is always doing that as he said, or maybe he liked her, or maybe because he was drunk..anyway the kiss or the kisses are absolutely hot, Jude Law got a special thing for that, so sensual.
Someone like Jude knocking on you door..I will give anything for that!

3. The British Accent and Style: Jude Law is finally in his element, he did any effort to hide the accent, and GOD, the accent is really great to hear, loved it a lot, I can just stay and listen non stop to it. 
Add to that, clothes are typically British, he looks amazing like a sweet..yummm, and you can feel that Jude Law is the most British actor ever!
No comment..
That little smile in the Angelique 
The British houses: Very romantic houses that you can see below, It gives you the envy just to stay at bed and do normal things of life.
Iris House
Graham House

The kitchen where Jude prepared Hot chocolate for his daughters...Oh God
The tent of the girls 
4. He is a daddy: Jude Law is in real life a dad, a very sexy hot dazzling dad, so it was like a little bit of reality transmitted trough the movie, he likes children and he is comfortable with.
As result we all wants to have Jude as the father of our children, even if we don't like children, at the moment we watch the film you get the phrase in your mind: "I want to have children"...but wait Jude Law had enough you want from  Jude creating his own tribute?!
Jude Law with his children in real life, look at that, so cuuute a perfect father!!

To finish that I add a very nice picture from the movie...guhhh


  1. That kiss scene, my god, Jude looks like such a good kisser, oh, what I would do to be Cameron Diaz :P

    1. omg natalie u are so realy says that u want to be cameron diaz ,,, she is so lucky woman in this world :(

  2. indead I can re-watch and re-watch and re-watch this movie. Cameron the damn lucky girl :)

  3. Yes she was luckyyy, Jude is so perfect!!! love him!

  4. I agree with all these reasons re-watching The Holiday (I do everyday nearly one month). I want only to add that one more reason for me is the lines, especially Jude's lines - they sounds very interesting, original, funy, intelligent......Ilove his declaration of love in the final scene - it sounds so romantic and in the same time very clever.

  5. .....And one more thing or not only one is Jude's face expressions in the film, that showed us different his spirits and his tallant - they are a lot, some of them are very funy, on the others he looks like a sweet.....

  6. One more reason, the fact that he wasn't too macho to cry!

  7. I am watching the holiday right now lol. Jude Law is gorgeous. I wish I could find a guy exactly like him lol. Sexy, Gorgeous, Sweet, and Funny. Love the accent.....and I wanna try those lips out myself lol....the scene at the end where she runs back in the house and he is crying...omg. Just love him.

  8. I am currently watching "The Holiday" again and again. It never gets old. Jude is indeed one SEXY, HOT MAN. ��


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