Monday, October 31, 2011

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law talk Sherlock’s bromance Source Total Film

Exclusive: “We’re friends, we love working together”

Total Film has been sleuthing around the set of Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows, trying to uncover the mystery of the ongoing bromance between Holmes and Watson.

We asked stars Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law about the friendship between them, both on and off screen.

“We’re friends, we love working together,” Downey Jr admitted. “And if one can’t befriend the object of one’s admiration, that’s called a restraining order.”

Law also showed an admirable lack of restraint when it came to sharing his enthusiasm for RDJ, adding, “I’m an admirer.”

“When you’ve had a working relationship that’s both challenging and inspiring – and when it’s also easy to spend time with that person – then you do miss it, if I’m honest.”

Downey Jr jumped in to complete the circle of bromance: “And I’ve realised more this time around that there’s something about when you and I are clicking and Guy’s setting us up to win that I don’t know that I’d necessarily want to repeat that with somebody else.”

Director Guy Ritchie is clearly happy with the way the central relationship is blossoming too, explaining, “I think the bread and butter of this movie is always going to be the relationship between Sherlock and Watson and you can’t really have enough of those two and their camp banter.”

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows opens on 16 December 2011.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Amazing Hugo trailer with Jude Law cant wait for it

A new trailer has been unveiled for Martin Scorsese's Hugo.

The film marks the Oscar-winning director's first 3D production and is based on Brian Selznick's bestseller The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

The movie stars Asa Butterfield in the title role, with all-star support from Johnny DeppChloë Grace MoretzSacha Baron CohenJude Law and Christopher Lee.

Scorsese has said that despite criticism of the format, he has "always liked 3D".

"This is something that's always been exciting to me," the director said of the film. "I've always dreamed of doing it in 3D."

Hugo is released in UK cinemas on December 2 and premiered in the US at the New York Film Festival earlier this month.

Magnolia Acquires '360,' Starring Rachel Weisz and Jude Law

Fernando Meirelles Film Still Bed - H 2011

Magnolia will release the film theatrically in 2012 in major US markets and also will distribute it through its Ultra VOD program.
Andrew EatonDavid LindeChris HanleyDanny Krausz and Emanuel Michael produced the film, written by Peter Morgan. It recently served as the opening night feature at the London Film Festival.
Shot on location in Vienna, Paris, London, Bratislava and Rio de Janeiro, 360 follows Law as a travelling businessman who is contemplating a liaison with a prostitute;  Weisz, appearing as  married woman  who is breaking off a relationship with a younger man; Hopkins, as a man searching for his missing daughter; and Foster as a sex offender recently released from prison.
The deal was negotiated for Magnolia by SVP of acquisitions Dori Begley and head of legal and business affairs Chris Matson with UTA, which repped the filmmakers.

New Sherlock Holmes 2 Trailer with Jude Law

Jude Law defends the media ahead of Contagion release

The British actor applauds investigative journalism, but says press intrusion into the lives of celebrities "isn't going to shift".
Jude Law at odds with conservationists over basement gym plans

Speaking prior to the UK release of the medical thriller Contagion – which also stars Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet – Law spoke of celebrities' "double-sided relationship with the media", but was positive about certain aspects of journalism.
"I'm a great believer in freedom of speech and I'm a great believer in the right to investigative journalism used positively," he said. "I think the answer is to be mindful of those who are not necessarily treating their responsibilities wisely."
In Contagion, Law plays intrepid online blogger Alan Krumwiede, who writes about the outbreak of a worldwide epidemic, becoming an influential commentator as the crisis deepens.
Earlier this year, the 38-year-old launched legal action against the News of the World after learning from Scotland Yard that his voicemail messages had allegedly been targeted by the tabloid newspaper.
He said that action such as his could lead to positive changes in the future conduct of the media:
"If you're in the public eye you have a very active double-sided relationship with the media. I'm not necessarily happy with that but you have to accept it, otherwise you're railing against something that perhaps isn't going to shift."
"I think the situation is on the move with the inquiries going on at the moment, once a resolution is made with those inquiries we'll be in a better situation as to how to proceed in the future."
Contagion, directed by Steven Soderbergh, is released this Friday, 21 October.

I bet you never saw this ery cute picture of Jude Law :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jude Law pictures in the opening gala of BFI London Festival with the premiere of his film '360'

jude law 360 premiere 11
aaaaahhhh am I dreaminnng or he is getting more sexy with the years
jude law 360 premiere 04
jude law 360 premiere 05
This is the best one..
jude law 360 premiere 15
As always he is having the same habit, but a sexy one..playing with his tong
jude law 360 premiere 06
This  man is very handsome
jude law 360 premiere 18jude law 360 premiere 12jude law 360 premiere 13

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jude Law finished performing Anna Christie, Whats next??

After a long way performing Anna Christie in London, Jude Law seems he is tired from this period of 3 months  a Non stop running, specially that the play was requesting some physical efforts, anyway the play was perfect and of course brilliant that we heard it will be performed next year in Broadway, it's not a surprise, many Theater critics called Jude Law performance a new Born Career, in fact the actor is totally changed from all his training with a private coach, people who attended the play surely noticed that...very sexy.
Next here is the agenda:

From the 8th of October, the 'Anna Karenina' production have just began.

12 nd October the opening Gala for the BFI London Festival with the premiere of  '360' film with Jude Law, and yes he will attend it.

23rd November is the release of  'Hugo Cabret' Jude Law film.

16th December is the release of 'Sherlock Holmes 2'

I hope all you fans will follow with that brilliant and amazing actor.

New pictures of 'Hugo Cabret' upcoming Jude Law movie Release Date 23rd November

I will die for a kiss...cant he just sell some kisses....looool

Very French

It has been a while since we’ve seen anything from Martin Scorsese‘s upcoming 3D family adventure “Hugo.” Granted, the director has been busy executive producing “Boardwalk Empire,” putting the finishing touches on the massive documentary “George Harrison: Living In The Material World” as well as editing Kenneth Lonergan‘s “Margaret.” However, the first trailer for the film was released in July and is now somewhat of a distant memory, but with the movie gearing up to land next month the marketing campaign is likely just moments away from starting in full swing.
Overseas in Lyon, France the 66th Congress Of The National Federation Of French Cinema—a fancy title given to industry conference—recently wrapped up, and essentially, it was a confab where industry types spend a few days getting a sneak peek at films that are set to hit theaters in the next little while. Filmgeek were on hand on managed to snag a couple of new stills from “Hugo.” The first is a new look at Ben Kingsley who plays legendary silent filmmakerGeorges Méliès, and yes, the director did actually run a toy store after his movie company collapsed. Next up we see Jude Law in his role as Hugo’s father opposite the rising young actorAsa Butterfield. The whimsical nature of the film displayed in the trailer is certainly still intact and we’re as curious as ever to see what Scorsese brings to his first movie aimed squarely at younger audiences.
Chloe Moretz, Sacha Baron Cohen, Christopher Lee, Michael Stuhlbarg, Emily Mortimer, Ray Winstone and more round out the cast. “Hugo” hits theaters on November 23rd.

Cameron Diaz visiting Jude Law and attending the play Anna Christie at the Donmar Warehouse

cameron diaz donmar 02
You all remember The Holiday with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz, Its the best romantic movie Ive ever seen in my life...It was on 2006 almost 6 years ago.look how time is going is short
cameron diaz donmar 04
cameron diaz donmar 03
Loved her shoes :)
Jude Law et Cameron Diaz
I miss you Juuude Laaaaw...ohhhh that smile 
cameron diaz donmar 05

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A very tired Jude Law spotted leaving the Donmar Warehouse the 6th September Source:Imnotobssesed

Jude Law Seen At Donmar Warehouse Theatre
I think Jude Law is getting tired from performin twice a day Anna Christie from the 4th August until now, specially that his performance is a little bit physical. Anyway we hope for him to get a rest in 4 days which is the date of the last performance the 8th of October.
Jude Law Seen At Donmar Warehouse TheatreJude Law Seen At Donmar Warehouse Theatre

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sienna Miller spoted with a mystery man attending the Anna Christie play at the Donma Warehouse

Igniting a frenzy of new romance rumors, Sienna Miller made the rounds in London, England with a mystery man on her arm earlier today (October 3).
The "Alfie" actress was spotted getting close to - and even kissing - her unnamed suitor as they dined at the Covent Garden Hotel before hitting up the Donmar Theatre to watch her ex beau Jude Law in his new play.

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