Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jude Law finished performing Anna Christie, Whats next??

After a long way performing Anna Christie in London, Jude Law seems he is tired from this period of 3 months  a Non stop running, specially that the play was requesting some physical efforts, anyway the play was perfect and of course brilliant that we heard it will be performed next year in Broadway, it's not a surprise, many Theater critics called Jude Law performance a new Born Career, in fact the actor is totally changed from all his training with a private coach, people who attended the play surely noticed that...very sexy.
Next here is the agenda:

From the 8th of October, the 'Anna Karenina' production have just began.

12 nd October the opening Gala for the BFI London Festival with the premiere of  '360' film with Jude Law, and yes he will attend it.

23rd November is the release of  'Hugo Cabret' Jude Law film.

16th December is the release of 'Sherlock Holmes 2'

I hope all you fans will follow with that brilliant and amazing actor.

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