Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A very tired Jude Law spotted leaving the Donmar Warehouse the 6th September Source:Imnotobssesed

Jude Law Seen At Donmar Warehouse Theatre
I think Jude Law is getting tired from performin twice a day Anna Christie from the 4th August until now, specially that his performance is a little bit physical. Anyway we hope for him to get a rest in 4 days which is the date of the last performance the 8th of October.
Jude Law Seen At Donmar Warehouse TheatreJude Law Seen At Donmar Warehouse Theatre

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  1. These pictures are from the night of the 1st October (non 6th). I was there and had the chance of speaking for a little while with him. He looks a little tired (all of us would be if we had to perform a 2.30 hour play from monday to saturday), but he was as handsome as always. He was very kind with all the people that were there waiting for him. All the cast done an amazing job in the play, specially Ruth, David and Jude.


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