Friday, June 24, 2011

Jude Law is beautiful

Maledetto Jude Law, sei tutto quello che odio e nello stesso tempo amo in un uomo.
can someone please tell me I have a special feeling every time I look at him, he is so perfect? I'm gonna die for him!

Tickets on sale - Jude Law and Jeremy Gilley Launch Countdown to Global Truce With Concert at the O2 Arena London on 21st September

Source :

"London, June 24th /PRNewswire/ — Tickets are now on sale for the Peace One Day O2 Arena show that will feature artists Eliza Doolittle, Youssou NDour, Afroreggae, Flawless and English National Ballet, with further artists to be announced. Speakers will include Jude law and Peace One Day founder and filmmaker Jeremy Gilley.
The O2 Arena concert is the biggest event yet for Gilley's Peace One Day campaign, which in 2001 led a process that resulted in the unanimous adoption by UN member states of the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence.
This day is now fixed in the global calendar every year: 21 September is Peace Day. As well as being the biggest Peace One Day event to date, the concert on 21 September 2011 will launch a year-long countdown to a Global Truce on Peace Day 2012.
Jeremy Gilley said: "Peace One Day is calling for and working towards a Global Truce on Peace Day 2012. We have a clear strategy and we hope this will be the largest reduction in global violence in recorded history, both domestically and internationally. This day is as much about non-violence in our schools, our homes, workplace and local communities as it is about ceasefire on the international stage.
"Everyone has a role to play. The O2 Arena show launches a 365-day countdown. I'm so grateful to all the artists for giving their time to help Peace One Day take this message to the people of the world."
Eliza Doolittle said, "When I heard about Peace One Day, what they have achieved & what they are now going for, a Global Truce on Peace Day 2012, I had to become involved. You can too. Come to the O2 Arena on 21 September this year and go to to find out more. POD is a ground breaking initiative and I'm proud to be a part of it."
The O2 Arena show, which will be filmed in HD and broadcast internationally, is the first in a trilogy of Peace One Day concerts produced as part of the London 2012 Festival.
The second show - in Derry-Londonderry on 21 June 2012 - is the opening event of the London 2012 Festival and marks the three-month countdown to the Global Truce. The third show will take place on the day of Global Truce itself, Peace Day 21 September 2012. Information about all consecutive shows including ticket sales and line-up will be available from the Peace One Day
Since the adoption of the Peace Day resolution in 2001, activities on 21 September have enabled families to be reunited, mosquito nets and food aid to be delivered and children to be vaccinated all over the world, as this ceasefire and non-violence day creates a window of opportunity for humanitarian efforts.
In 2007, Jeremy Gilley and Jude Law travelled to Afghanistan to spearhead an initiative that has resulted in the vaccination against polio of 4.5 million children following Peace Day agreements by all parties in the region in 2007/8/9. This work forms the culmination of Gilley's feature documentary The Day After Peace.
"I've seen how Peace Day saves lives," says Law. "Peace One Day is inviting all sectors of society to observe a Global Truce on Peace Day 21 September 2012. It's up to all of us to get involved."
Jeremy Gilley's next feature documentary (produced by Gilley and Law) will culminate in the Global Truce on Peace Day 2012, against the backdrop of London 2012 activities.
Others who have supported Peace One Day include Annie Lennox, Kofi Annan, Ban Ki-moon, Angelina Jolie, Lenny Kravitz, Kasabian, Bryan Adams, Peter Gabriel, Yusuf (formerly Cat Stevens), Patti Smith, Charlie Winston, Youssou NDour, Jonny Lee Miller, Joseph Fiennes, Kate Nash, Corinne Bailey Rae, Dave Stewart, Jimmy Cliff, Faithless, James Morrison, -M-, Yodelice, Vanessa Paradis, Ayo, and millions of people across the world. The Peace One Day 2011 O2 Arena show is a Peace One Day Production in as part of the London 2012 Festival.
Peace One Day presents
The Peace One Day Celebration 2011 "Global Truce" as part of the London 2012 Festival
Tickets are now on sale.
To book tickets call 0844 856 0202 or 0871 231 0835
Or purchase online at or"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Pics from Sherlock Holmes 2 with Jude Law

Look at him, cute in all the situations... anyone here wants to be the wife?

Les s├ęduisants Jude Law et Robert Downey Jr. dans  Sherlock Holmes 2 , en salles le 25 janvier 2012.Noomi Rapace, Robert Downey Jr. et Jude Law dans  Sherlock Holmes 2 , en salles le 25 janvier 2012.


Jude Law spotted leaving his house 21June2011

Here is the arcticle from

"Jude Law Voted Stylish Celebrity Dad

"Jude Law goes incognito in a pair of sunglasses as he steps out of his place on Tuesday (June 21) in London, England.
The 38-year-old English actor cuffed his jeans and wore a pair of zippered boots as he headed out.
Late last month, Jude shot an ad for Dior Homme in Cap d’Antibes, France.Jude was in town as one of the members of the jury during the Cannes Film Festival!
In other Jude news, he was voted one of the ten most stylish celebrity dads in a British poll!
Ranked above Jude were Orlando Bloom and David Beckham" what the hell...

Here is another article from

"Law was photographed as he departed from his London home and made way into his classic silver Mercedes Benz 380 SL on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011. He might have been making a quick stopover at the gym, since he packed a big duffel bag in the trunk."

Jude with the no 
Very nice...;)
The surprise for is the Mercedes he likes old things and I thing I will post a special article for that
Very nice also



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New pic from Sherlock Holmes 2 with Jude Law

Jude Law still Hot with mustache lol  

Final Cut on CBS Action with Jude Law and Sadie frost

Year: 1998 
Certificate: 18 
Genre: Movies / Thriller 

Tuesday 21 June 2011 @ 02:05 

Thriller starring Jude Law, Ray Winstone and Sadie Frost. Friends gather at the wake of a deceased man to view his final farewell film, but jealousy, lust and betrayal spiral out of control. 

Directed by: Ray Burdis 

Starring: Ray Winstone, Jude Law, Sadie Frost 

Airs next on CBS Action on:

Tuesday 21 June 2011 @ 03:05 
Wednesday 29 June 2011 @ 02:55

Monday, June 20, 2011

Repo man book out in Brazil!

The book in the origin of the movie Repo man, written by Eric Garcia you can visit the website, is out in Brazil as "OS COLETORES" this for the occasion of "Suma de Letra" a literature editorial in Brazil.

Jude Law in that movie is a kick ass very bad, and I have never had this idea that he could do such Job, he is clearly taking care of his body, just forget about the nice and gentle man he can be. I think he should do more movies in that way


Why Jude Law is so lovely in "The Holiday"

There are a lot of people who always watch and re watch the film "The Holiday" every time, I can say that because I'm paying a lot of attention continually for Tweets about Jude and I found that this movie is the most viewed from both categories: means Jude Fans (including me) and The others (lol).
Well I tried to get all the reasons pushing us to spend hours staring at Jude in that movie:

1. the High level of Hotness: It's the most important one and we can't deny it: Jude Law is HOT, it's a fact. I mean look below, it's like he had drank some elixir that made him look sooooo beautiful, everything are perfect: gorgeous lips very sexy, attractive eyes, sunny skin which make the color of his eyes dazzling, and even if he has some problems with his hairs, we can say they are fine, we love them!

2. The story: The writer of the Holiday is a genius, the idea to change houses and let  Jude Law knock at the door in the middle of the night...drunk. And at the end the fact to say good night and give a response to it with a kiss..A's the best scenario I've ever seen in my life!
In result for that, we all want such things to happen, specially for women who spends long nights alone, a lot of tweets about that :"I hope Jude will knock at my door this night"..yeah I hope that too.
What I can't understand is why he kissed her, is it because he is always doing that as he said, or maybe he liked her, or maybe because he was drunk..anyway the kiss or the kisses are absolutely hot, Jude Law got a special thing for that, so sensual.
Someone like Jude knocking on you door..I will give anything for that!

3. The British Accent and Style: Jude Law is finally in his element, he did any effort to hide the accent, and GOD, the accent is really great to hear, loved it a lot, I can just stay and listen non stop to it. 
Add to that, clothes are typically British, he looks amazing like a sweet..yummm, and you can feel that Jude Law is the most British actor ever!
No comment..
That little smile in the Angelique 
The British houses: Very romantic houses that you can see below, It gives you the envy just to stay at bed and do normal things of life.
Iris House
Graham House

The kitchen where Jude prepared Hot chocolate for his daughters...Oh God
The tent of the girls 
4. He is a daddy: Jude Law is in real life a dad, a very sexy hot dazzling dad, so it was like a little bit of reality transmitted trough the movie, he likes children and he is comfortable with.
As result we all wants to have Jude as the father of our children, even if we don't like children, at the moment we watch the film you get the phrase in your mind: "I want to have children"...but wait Jude Law had enough you want from  Jude creating his own tribute?!
Jude Law with his children in real life, look at that, so cuuute a perfect father!!

To finish that I add a very nice picture from the movie...guhhh

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jude Law mentioned in a French Magazine about Neighbors problems

The actor plans to expand the cellar and exercise room of his house located in Highgate in North London, neighbors do not see a positive view of the work that could affect water reservoirs Park Hampstead heath located above and affect also the archaeological excavations therein. Jude Law agreed to meet to find a compromise.

Bellow an official article giving details about the improvements wanted from Jude for his house from  click here

 Well, let's see..Dear Jude, you have a very beautiful house
Read a book...with Jude Law...hmmm
'The dinner is ready, thinking about the Nanny..she was lucky to be honest lol'
Hmmm the Room..yes I know, we don't have to dream bout that you perv..;)
What a beautiful bathroom, I can spend all the rest of my life there, with Jude of course


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jude Law spotted in Dean Street, soho London 17Jun2011

Jude Law spotted yesterday evening from @Misterwallace from twitter which is the account of the writer Danny Wallace  , one of his books is 'yes man' you can see more information in his website
Bellow the tweets!

Gorgeous Jude Law pictures for DUNHILL


Friday, June 17, 2011

Jude Law ex wife Sadie Frost's Dog Burns Its Tail

Sadie Frost was left panicking after pet dog Rosie accidentally set fire to her tail.
Sadie Frost's dog has set fire to her tail.
The actress-and-fashion designer's pet pooch Rosie burnt herself after she jumped up onto the kitchen table and wagged her tail across a naked flame.
Sadie - the ex-wife of Jude Law - wrote on her twitter page: "OMG my dog Rosie just jumped on the table and set fire to her tail!!! ouch! (sic)"
In another tweet, she added: "She jumped on my kitchen table!!!!!! (sic)"
However, it seems Rosie wasn't badly hurt, as a calmer Sadie later revealed on the micro-blogging website how she planned to spend her Friday night (17.06.11).

Honestly what the hell is this hahahah, I can't stop laughing on this, the poor dog I can't imagine, don't mistake me I looove dogs 

Update Information about Contagion Roles

I have some updates about Contagion here is the roles:

- Jude Law as Alan Krumwiede, a blogger (he he strange every time I read it) with an unfortunate interest in conspiracy theories.
- Gwyneth Paltrow as Beth Emhoff, a business woman back from a trip in Asia and who's struck down by a mysterious ailment
- Matt Damon as Thomas Emhoff, Beth's husband, who's forced to care for his wife, and soon his step-son, as her condition worsens.
- Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Ellis Cheever, the head of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
- Kate Winslet as Dr. Erin Mears, she works for the CDC
- Marion Cotillard as Dr. Leonora Orantes, a European doctor who's working for the World Health Organization
 More pictures of juuuude and the set of the film, in yellow announce for casting men and women


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