Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jude Law next films and apparitions 2011 part 2 Contagion

After his apparition in the play Anna Christie which unfortunately not all fans will be able to attend then we will have a lot of Jude Law, everywhere Jude Law, regarding the release of 'Contagion' his next film, grouping also a long and incredible list of famous actors, and most of them played at least one time with him in the past. OMG I can't wait to all the premiere apparitions

By 'Steven Soderbergh' The story is about how humanity will face an airborne virus sweeping the planet and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC (the centers for disease control and prevention) to find a cure for its devastating and deadly effects. There hasn't been much information given about the film since it has been shrouded in secrecy, but what is sure it's not like the 'walking dead' with zombies lol, no no jude law will keep his angel face. 
Date of release:
21st October 2011
- Jude Law: Not sure but what he said:  "I will be someone online, a blogger, who is kind of a fearmonger. And I just like the part. I really like the part.." 
hmmm what are we supposed to understand? he he don't tell me he will do my Job: but not blogging Jude Law, he will blog virus events, OMG be continued...
- The others are Marion CotillardMatt Damon (worked with him in 'The talented Mr Ripley'),Gwyneth Paltrow (worked with him in 'The talented Mr Ripley' and 'sky captain and the World of tomorrow' '')Laurence FishburneKate Winslet (worked with him in 'The Holiday')
Jude Law is supposed to film only 10 days in that film, so :( I guess he will not appear too much.
however the only thing that import us is to admire him for 5 min or 30 min, we, the mortal people.
for the premiere, since he is not having the leading role, so :( I hope he will come anyway.
The most important thing I would like to discuss is WHY? WHY is he having just the second role, I mean just WHY, I also saw this question in some forums but fans are getting confused cause Jude is an excellent actor, the only thing that convince me to be honest is that he is refusing big roles and he is trying to have more time to spend with his family but com'on Jude let be the hero for one time, you are so beautiful, so charming, so sexy, ...OMG I don't want to be a perv..   

Below pictures of him on the set, and it confirms the blogger Job, trying to have some pics to post in his blog, :)
He is always doing funny grimaces!

so cuuuuute Jude Law on the phone


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