Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Advert Dior with Jude Law

As I said in my last post, Jude Law stayed in France to finalize the new advert for Dior Fragrance. Jude seemed very attractive, we are all very impatient for the result
He is smiling to her, what a lucky girl, is she the same girl in Dior advert 'a rendez vous'

Don't look at me like that jude :p

ohh my god, this regard is killing

Perfect Smile heinn

Jude is looking at the model...

Jude is flying ..youhouu

I liked a lot this one, what he is looking at now? maybe he heard that he must turn on the boat alone lol


Jude: "what language is she speaking ?"

ouuuu my god!!

I know I'm HOT that's why you can take pics



  1. Thank you for these hot pictures of Jude, he got to stop being so sexy because he's killing me :P

    Haha I love to read all of your captions below the pictures, so funny :)

  2. you are welcome I will keep the blog updated with the last pictures of Jude. I agree he definitely will kill us, so HOT no one can be compared to him! I'm happy you liked the captions!

  3. The blog is mind blowing. Simply cherish the way how all the composition has been put.
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