Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jude Law next films and apparitions 2011 part 1 Anna Christie

We have to admit that Jude Law worked a lot, he is not only a good looking man as Cameron diaz said in the Holiday: "as you are insanely good looking,...we should have..." and you know the End, yes yes we all want that!
In the Next few months Jude Law Fans will be over excited and fully satisfied because I have good news for you, bellow the nearest apparition and some analyzes.

Anna Christie

A play in four acts by Eugene O'Neill. It made its Broadway debut at the Vanderbilt Theatre on November 2, 1921. O'Neill received the 1922 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his work, the story of a former prostitute who falls in love, but runs into difficulty in turning her life around.
Date of release:
From the 4th August until the 8th of October, every day except Sunday at the Donmar Warehouse in London.
Jude Law: Playing Mat Burke the love interest of the main character
ruth wilson: Playing the main character Anna Christie
Tickets sold out in 4 hours, means the morning of the 6th of June everything was sold, can you imagine that!
Behind that, we are wondering if Jude Law will sign autographs for fans after every performance, it seems incredible but we hope he will do it.
The best thing to do is to read the book Since I finish it I will give my impressions, if there are fans who already read the book I will be honored to publish their point of view!
You can see also the film Anna Christie released in 1930, below the Italian cover.


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