Friday, June 17, 2011

Jude Law is on the top list of the most desired men in France

This is a survey done between the 31st May and the 3rd June, was asked from the French magazine 'Closer' (not the movie lol), to Harris Interactive to celebrate his six year history, it was realized on 1600 persons from 15years old:  topics include: the most annoying personalities, the incompatible  couples, and finally the personalities with whom French women would 'spend a night of madness' let me translate..a HOT night.

Jude Law is on the top list, ohh really com'on it's not a surprise English style is appreciated a lot from french people, this behind the fact that Jude Law is really HOT, I mean I'm sure in the future if we keep his ADN we will discover like something running trough his blood. 
Have you ever seen sex scenes done by comment you should buy some DVD specially: cold mountain,  breaking and entering, Enemy at the gates.
well see yourself below when you look at him what are you thinking about? ;) ohhh God..


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