Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jude Law mentioned in a French Magazine about Neighbors problems

The actor plans to expand the cellar and exercise room of his house located in Highgate in North London, neighbors do not see a positive view of the work that could affect water reservoirs Park Hampstead heath located above and affect also the archaeological excavations therein. Jude Law agreed to meet to find a compromise.

Bellow an official article giving details about the improvements wanted from Jude for his house from  click here

 Well, let's see..Dear Jude, you have a very beautiful house
Read a book...with Jude Law...hmmm
'The dinner is ready, thinking about the Nanny..she was lucky to be honest lol'
Hmmm the Room..yes I know, we don't have to dream bout that you perv..;)
What a beautiful bathroom, I can spend all the rest of my life there, with Jude of course


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