Friday, June 10, 2011

After cannes 2011

You know that Jude Law was part from the Jury of Cannes 2011 between the 11 and 22 May, so as normal Jude Law never stop working and he moved to the hotel Cap Eden Roc in Antibes in the south of France, to film the new advert Dior but Jude will also take some time to have fun and guess what he prefer to have fun shirtless..OMG
the yellow bathing suit is actually a Vilebrequin, and it is part of its 2010 spring/summer World Cup series, Brazil edition (you can order it if you want Vilebrequin store in Las Vegas, (702) 894-9460).
you will say how do I know about that so I learned that from twitter, a successful article in the New York Times about a guy looking for a bathing suit like jude law one so he can look like him, a very cleaver way to do some advert  for some brands (
anyway the most important thing in that is Jude Law is shirtless and HOT,  he seems like he is doing a lot of sport, I heard also that he wants to build a sport room in his London House but neighbors didn't give the approval yet...don't tell me that someone can refuse something to Jude :) I will do nothing for him

What are you doing Jude? 

 Wanna say something Jude?
 Oww that smile!!

Always laughing, keep that jude we love it

The water never looked so attractive!!


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