Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jude Law with a new blond.
On 28th March 2012

While the web rumors are talking abut the loveaffair between Jude and Cameron, he's dating with another unknown blond girl in Hampstead....He's a irreducible heartthrob! :D


  1. i hope that jude law is bisexual or gay.. he is so hot! and hope hes not daiting cameron diaz... he should try do date a man haha :D <3

  2. she looks like a model to me, no? she looks familiar somehow but i can't seem to recall where i've seen her.
    and btw i like her booties.

  3. Probably, Lua you're right! :) she seems a model but she's wearing all black clothes in the afternoon...I don't like her style! ;) ahahhaha but I'm really jealous of her!! :)


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