Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jude Law spotted in NY on 16th April 2012
Other pits from The Bitter Pill


  1. Im so inlove with him

  2. I looove him with the smoking suit OMG
    NIKITA hopefully you are here, I was in holiday during 3 weeks, went to Istanbul and I was not able to follow what's happening but I see you are a very good blogger, loved also the pictures with his children, especially when he is kissing his daughter

    Many thanks to you Nikita for giving this to all fans, me as well

  3. well it's not a smoking suit, how must I call this, it's very british

  4. Thanks you too, Escaflown to give me this chance..I'd like this blog will be the best of ever!! :D
    How were your holiday good??

  5. HEllo Nikita, I am sorry I havent answer since a vacation was cool, I just relaxed and switched off my head from work...I had the chance to look at the technical team of the next James bond 'Skyfall' preparing for a scene in Istanbul..It was so exciting and Actually I am back to work and I still so busy but I am happy to know that there is a person caring for this blog, I am sorry I am not helping you these last times.


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