Monday, March 12, 2012

Jude Law New Romance with Ruth Wilson..Really!!!!

New couple: Jude Law and new girlfriend Ruth Wilson are spotted together in Venice Beach yesterday
Not Holding hands...too shy for it...
Ehhhhhh well last time when I saw the play, I said 'is it possible that this romance can continue over the play..' I told myself what the hell am I thinking because she is not at all his kind of woman: completely different from the Sienna style always on the top of fashion...and as I see now it's happening....they were spotted kissing in the Groucho Club so I think that's the new Madame Law!
Source: "Jude Law has stepped out for the first time with his rumoured new girlfriend.
The British star and actress Ruth Wilson were photographed enjoying a relaxed stroll in Venice Beach on Sunday afternoon.
The pair are reportedly an item according to British newspaper The Daily Mail, after meeting when they co-starred in the London theatre production of Anna Christie last year.
Jude and Ruth looked casual yesterday afternoon, with Jude dressed down in a zip-up hoody, shorts and high-tops, while Ruth donned a slouchy grey jumper over a black dress.
It is the pair’s first public outing together, since being spotted kissing at London's Groucho Club earlier this month.
“They were quite enamoured with each other,” a source told the publication of the new romance.
“They were very tactile and seemed an item. They were kissing, and not worried about who saw them.”
Ruth is thought to be Jude’s first serious relationship since his high-profile split from Sienna Miller last January."

Friends first: Law and Wilson grew close while co-starring on stage last year
Jude my dear ...can I touch you? you look sooo sexy and hot this time
Moving on: Law's romance comes just over a year after he split from Sienna Miller New motto? Law was wearing a jumper which read 'Peace - creative positive image' across the back



  1. Wow Jude is really looking hot and sexy! :p
    Omg Ruth is his girlfriend? I'm really happy for them! I don't know Ruth, but I think she's a great girl. She was so friendly to the fans at the stagedoor of Anna Christie. Saw her twice and she let take pictures of here and signed extensive.
    I think if you want to have a change that Jude is falling in love with you, you have to work with him ;) He met Sadie in 'Shopping', Sienna in 'Alfie' and Ruth in 'Anna Christie. :))

  2. Escaflown, you're always the best..but where did you find this news??
    I'm quite jelous but if he's happy....I'll be happy for him.....

  3. Hi Kim,
    You are right, maybe we have to think to work with him to have a chance. :)
    But she is nice really, when we asked her for autographs she took all the time to sign everything, I have her signature. She also looks different in real life..she is more beautiful in real life than in pictures.

    You know I was thinking about the reason: they worked together but not only that..imagine they had long kisses twice a day from Monday to Saturday, for 2 months.....they have been used I guess and they are missing that now.


  4. Hi Nikita, I am doing an alert in google search: means every time the word 'Jude Law spotted' is written somewhere in the web then I have an email with the news. but you know that you did a perfect Job this month I saw that you had already all the news very good!!
    this time it was a surprise to see this news really but I am jealous as you Nikita, I love Jude and :( hhhhhh well let's just look at him.


  5. Hi Escf!!
    I'm doing an alert in google too...but they'll arrive when I've just found the news! :)
    Infact when I saw the play last year, there were a difference in their August they October they kissed like french kiss! :) something has happened between them...But...she's not his right one,I know! ;)

  6. you know where he lives exactly?? Cause I really don't think he lives in Highgate but in the area of Belzise Park...;) Could you send me an e-mail with his address?...if you know of course ;)

  7. she looks a bit like coco sumner, in an older less frumpy way (and less sexy too :p) she also plays betsy in anna karenina i yeah they've seen each other quite a lot last year!


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