Friday, March 9, 2012

Jude Law Looking For New Digs
On 9th March  2012 in Manhattan
Jude Law is reportedly looking for a new home after finding students living near his penthouse apartment were photographing him topless.
According to sources, the British actor is being particularly vigilant after he was a target of News Corporation's well-publicised phone hacking scandal.
The Chicago Sun-Times are reporting that Jude "went ballistic" when he learned New York University students were invading his personal space and "photographing him walking around his apartment shirtless and working out on his terrace."
The publication adds that Jude is now on the look-out for a new abode in the Big Apple. The star is reportedly "paying special attention to neighbouring buildings and any possible sites where his privacy could be breached."


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  2. I think everyone should be entitled with privacy in their own house, even celebrities like Jude Law. It is one factor to be considered when you want to move into a new house. After all, it is your personal place. And it is where you are comfortably doing things you don’t normally do in public.

  3. Well, I guess every celebrity in the world needs some privacy. With all the exposure they get from the paparazzi, they’d surely love to take a break. At the end of the day, they still want to go home where they can comfortably take a rest, knowing that nobody will disturb them. ;)


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