Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who is interested to add articles about Jude Law in the blog Jude Law Life

Hello everyone

Sine it's hard for me to keep updated day by day the blog, I am inviting all people who are interested to post with me articles, news stories, pictures about our lovely Jude Law. Of course there are some conditions to respect and here is the list:

1 You must be a VERY big fan of Jude Law....Jude Law must be the best for you
2 You must have a big knowledge about his movies and his life
3 You must like to write about everything and nothing related to Jude Law just for fans

If you are interested..please make a comment to this article where you can write a short text describing your love to Jude and why you want to be a Jude Law Life blogger  :) dont forget to put your email adresse in the end so I can add you as a blogger if you are accepted.
Dont worry, after I add you the comment where your email adresse is mentionned will be deleted.
Thank you
Escaflown..The Jude Law Life blogger.


  1. Bonsoir! Je sais que tu parles français, donc je me permet de d'écrire en français. Premièrement j'adore ton site et grâce à toi j'ai pu voir Jude Law tous les weekend pendant 2 mois et demie en vrai. Oui oui grâce à toi et à la photo que tu as prises avec lui à Covent Garden^^. Je ne sais pas si je serais intéressée par cette proposition, bien qu'elle soit alléchante. Je réfléchis à ça et te donnerai ma réponse bientôt. je voulais seulement te dire que j'ai mis un lien vers ton site, sur mon Tumblr. (
    Bonne fin de soirée :).

  2. Bonsoir Miss London
    D abord merci pour ta réponse, je suis ravie que j'aie pu t'aider pour le voir et le rencontrer. Je suppose que tu las vu donc a ses multiples sorties du théâtre Donmar Warehouse a covent... c'est vrai que ce n'etait pas beaucoup médiatisé mais bon...c est notre Jude qui se fait de plus en plus discret...ceci pour le bonheur des plus grands fans qui trouvent tous les moyens pour le rencontrer.
    En tt cas je vois que tu as déjà un blog...donc tu as déjà l’expérience pour bloguer et l'amour pour Jude Law, tu seras la bienvenue. un ou 2 articles par semaine seront la bienvenue...sinon c'est sans limite :)
    Bonne soirée a toi aussi.

  3. Dear Escaflown,
    I'm Alice a Jude's Italian fan. Last year I went to London twice to watch Anna Christie, first in August and then in October. The second time I waited for HIM at the Donmar's front door and I met JUDE. He was know...terrific....and I was really exited...I couldn't speak but he was polite and spend few minute with me...I really love him :), his films and the way he is simply "Jude". I'd like to help you because when I have some free time I'll spend it to search news about him, but I know that my knowledge of English is very low, infact I'm doing an English course to improve it! If you want I'll send you my photo with him but only to give you a proof because it's my tresure and I don't want to publish it.
    Best Regards.


  4. Dear Alice;
    I can see how much you love him; you dont have to publish this picture; I trust you and you can take a look on with him its published in this blog.
    you have a good english; me too I have to improve it but as you see I can easily write articles.
    I loooove Italy I visited Roma; the way how people are living there is amazing; They love life and they enjoy food.
    Congratulations you can write articles in this blog from now on and I am waiting you first one.
    I sent the invitation to the mail you gave.
    Lets ,lets make this blog the best Jude Blog ever :)


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