Friday, January 27, 2012

Jude Law spotted after a night out with Primrose Hill pal Lisa Moorish...Jude...what the hell are you doing???

Fade to black: Jude Law didn't want to be seen out last night in Soho, London with Lisa MoorishHide and seek: Lisa Moorish hides her face after leaving Jude Law on a night outQuick getaway: Lisa drives off after attempting to hide her face


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  2. Who's Lisa Moorish? A friend of Jude? Or can their be something more between those two?

  3. Yes Kim, she's a old friend of the period when he lived with Sadie in Primrose Hill, but we don't know if they are dating like lovers now. Certenly in this period Jude seems very happy and it hasn't happened from he was engaged with my opinion... Times gives us the response!


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