Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Police examine bag containing laptop, phone found today in bin near Rebekah Brooks' home

Com'on it's so funny, I'm thinking if she got some things related to Jude Law private life there..hahaha...I can't imagine that, Jude Law was right to suing the tabloid 'The Sun' in Justice, It deserve it at 100%, well let's see, Jude Law is not an easy forgiver at all and it's normal, he showed that strong character since his youngest life, he did not forget the articles from 2005 and 2006
Actually I couldn't find these articles, I looked for it in the Net and as I saw I have to pay an account to access the sun archive and I was not able to it..I think also that even if I got the account I guess the articles will not be available, so I'm calling for Jude Law fans, if you got those 4 articles it will be great to share it and do some analyzes like Sherlock :D
Rebekah Brooks

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