Monday, July 25, 2011

Jude Law next films and apparitions 2011 part 3 Sherlock Holmes A Game of shadows

Hello everyone (in fact every time i say that I remember the movie 'Final Cut', real fans will understand me!), It's been a long time since I wrote an article, so I'm decided today to continue in the saga of Articles 'next films and apparitions' which I already began with the play 'Anna christie' and the movie 'contagion'. well, this time, even I'm sure you that fans knows already everything about his next movie Sherlock Holmes 2 I will do my best to bring some new things and my private analyzes related to the most waited movie of Jude Law.

Sherlock Holmes 2 A Game of Shadows
By 'Guy Ritchie'  like the first part, The story is about the new enemy of Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty who is preparing a villain plan, to be honest I don't know the story, but people who are big fans of Sherlock in the past, they will maybe recognize the story, The professor is in fact as smart as the detective and intellectually equal to him.

Date of release:
16 December 2011

- Jude Law: Dr Watson (The sexy and hottest Dr in the world!, the mustache suits him..anyway he is awesome whatever the style he got)
- The Robert Downey Jr: Sherlock Holmes 
- Jarred Haris : The villain Professor Moriarty
- Noomi Rapace: Fortune teller Sim

from the fist pictures and videos released, we understand that Dr Watson will get finally married to his fiancee, that made Jude Law in the first scene of marriage in his career, hahah :)  I'm thinking Jude Law never accepted scenarios of movies where he is getting married at the end..happy ends is not his taste..
let's analyze..he preferred ends where he is dying (final cut, repo man, cold mountain, Gattaca, Midnight in the garden of good and evil, the talented Mr riplay, Road to Perdition, Sleuth, The wisdom of crocodiles..) or where he is such an asshole (Breaking and Entering, Closer, Alfie, I heart Huckabees, Road to Perdition (where he is also dying and in that movie he was the devil himself))
There are only one movie of Love 'The holiday' and we adore it, it's like the bonus! of course there are other old movies when he was young like 'A song from another room' or 'I love you, I love you not' with claire danes. but the scenarios are too bad, you can watch these films only to stare at the incredible beauty of our handsome Jude.


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