Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jude in Florence for Eyewear Vogue Man and maybe a new collaboration with Pitti Man.....

"The meeting takes place near the Ponte Vecchio of Florence, at the launch of the campaign Spring/Summer 2013 of Vogue Eyewear for Men. The protagonist is Jude Law with the photographer Peter Lindbergh. I've 15 minutes for talk with him. I sit down next to him, I turn on the microphone of the mobile phone, I look up an...d... I block. The short hair and the gray t-shirt make him more "interesting" than the big screen, so much to take my word. Indeed, if I must say the truth, I just say a word: "Allora..." (means "so", but she said it in italian), so he says "I really like this word: alòra (he tries to say "allora" in italian).
Journalist: Thanks to Vogue Eyewear for Men, you have become the symbol of English male elegance. When you see yourself in the mirror, who do you see?
Jude: An aged man... Really. Of course, this means more experience, but a lot of years have already passed.
Journalist: The advertising campaign is signed by Peter Lindbergh. How was working with him?
Jude: Incredible. I met him other times and I really like work with him because he's a true professional.
Journalist: If you had to be forced to wear a pair of glasses, which would you choose?
Jude: Eyeglasses, I would not know, but sunglasses, what I wear (Aviator sunglasses).
Journalist: These days is in the italian cinema there is "360", and a character in the movie says: "Because in the life, in an istant, everything can change." Do you have already live this moment?
Jude: Of course! Things continue always to change. Maybe, one of the most decisive moments, was when I met the mother of my kids.
Journalist: The next year, in the cinemas will be "Dom Hemingway", and its story talk about a safecracker. In the preview pictures you're unrecognizable...
Jude: That's true, an orrible character, naughty and above all very ugly. I had to grease, drink whiskey and smoke a lot of cigarettes. It was very hard because it was summer and the movie was set in winter.
Journalist: The most beautiful picture that you went to the eyes?
Jude: It will be trivial, but that of my children. They was and are a wonderful emotion.
Journalist: Today you are 40 years old,can you forecast how you will be in the next 40 years?
Jude: I would say theatre, but it would not be true. For me the set and the stage are both important. What I am is thanks to Samuel Beckett because when I was a little boy, on the table of my house there was one of his books and I liked it, even if i didn't read it. It was a sign.
Journalist: What are your plans for tonight?
Jude: I must go back to Paris for work. But yesterday I went to eat in a tuscan restaurant, and this morning I did jogging around the city to dispose. Nothing has changed! It's like 20 years ago.
Journalist: Are you in love?
Jude: Yes..... of my work and my children (he smiles)
Well, I understand. The time is over. He stands up to tighten my hand, so I shoot me his hand and I give him a kiss. When could happen again?"


  1. HOTTIEEEEE!!!!!
    And he gave himself back the 'Vogue Eyewear-look' (the short hair).

  2. Hi Kim!!...Maybe this look is for the next filming at the end of July.....
    He's always hot!! :D

  3. Thanks for this translation to "Respect for Jude Law!" :)


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