Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I've found this amazing picture where Jude's reading a book and I want to share it with you!

.......I'd like to be the red book in his hands!!!!


  1. FANTASTIC pic!! Look at the expression on his face... Mmmhhh! ;p

  2. looooved too much the pic, from where you got this, you have to look for the rest and post it...excellent job.

  3. oohh by the way I forgot to say that I would like to be relaxed in the chair behind him...have a drink....hhhhh...and have a look from him saying to me: 'wanna have a swim with me'...hhhh...of course I want...

  4. HI Escaflown..I was searching something about his last vacation but I found this pic taken in January 2009....It's a wonderfull image of HIM...like you said...his expression....so I posted it! ;)


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