Monday, August 22, 2011

The story of my meeting with Jude Law

Hello everyone,
It is the happiest week end I spent since a long time ago, I realized a big dream: meet Jude Law, get his autograph, talk to him, and have a picture with him...I did aaallll this and I hope the same thing for all fans reading  and following this blog. so here is what happened from Friday 18th August until 201st August 2011:

Thursday 18th August 2011:
- Evening after work: Went out to buy chocolates and red flowers so I can keep it until the next day because I was afraid to not have time to do it.

Friday 19th August 2011:
- I was soo excited that I couldn't sleep that night, I woke up early in the morning, I went to the airport, I was so afraid that something bad happens with the flight...cancelled...delayed..and the play is at 7h30 pm..hopefully we had just a delay of 40minutes so it was fine.

- I arrived at Heathrow airport at 5h30 pm, let me tell you I don't know how I did to get into central London in one hour, used Heathrow express and then the underground..A friend of mine who bought Anna Christie ticket for me was waiting for me between 6 and 7 pm at Lupita Restaurant behind sharing Cross station so it was fine I was on time, got the ticket at 6h30pm, run to the hotel and no time to do the check in so I let my luggage there because It was 7h10pm, took the taxi for a distance that I was able to do in 5minutes by walk :)

-Here I am at the Donmar Warehouse, a very cozy theater that you can hardly believe it's one from the outside, very discrete and charming inside. I had the seat B14 at the circle, I took the seat and made sure to put my view glasses.

- It's 7h30 pm the play began and it's excellent, I've never seen such high level of performances. Jude law appears in the second part like a sailor who was about to die in the sea but he survived, the first thing that you can see is his TORSO, incredibly amazing it's like he did a lot of training and it seems to suit him a lot, he is HOT and gorgeous, the wet torso of Jude Law is something which makes you feel in a hiiiigh temperature  and you can't forget that. He falls in love with Anna Christie, I will not tell you the story but it's better that you read the play before attending because they are acting with both Irish ans Swedish accent and sometimes it's very hard to understand, however Jude is brilliant and you can see him kissing Anna , such a good kisser. Just imagine with me he will kiss her twice a day between the 4th august and the 8th October.
- After 2h we got a break of 15min before the last part of the play and it finished at 10h pm. and It was time to wait for Jude....what happened is that Jude Law is not using the front door of the theater, he is using the back door in the parallel street to go home and of course I missed him that night. I was soo sad but I was hopping to return the next day and try again.

Saturday 20th August 2011:
- I visited London, it's a very nice city, a must see for all people living in this earth. I was visiting and thinking how can I do this time, I decided finally to pass by the theater just to see what was happening. I found that when they are doing the break between the end of the first play and the beginning of the second one, It seems that Jude is going out from the back door of the theater every day at 5pm to have a coffee so you can't miss him but I advise people to not do that because he feels a little bit bothered at that time because the only thing he wants is to relax. He was back at 5h30 pm walking fast, I got only my book signed (Cold mountain) and he asked us to leave him.

- I decided to come back another time at 10pm like the day before because the flowers and the chocolates it was necessary to give that to him and I waited for him at the back door, with other Russian girls who already gave the flowers to him (you can see them in my last article)...and guess what...he decided to go out from the front door...I was very sad..but an incredible thing happened then, I met 2 guys Ben and Thomas who were like angels saving me, they took me to a pub where Jude is used to have a drink and Hallelujah he was there...I walked to him I was hesitant to talk to him and finally he saw me, I gave him the flowers and them the chocolates, he was smiling and thanks me. we shacked hands, I told him that I did 1300miles to see him, he asked me about my country, made a compliment about it, he asked me if I attended the play I said yes and I explained him how I waited for him in the wrong door and he laughed, I told him that he is amazing, and then I asked him for the picture, he was nice to me and accepted, I apologized to bother him, he said it's ok. Ben (one of my angels) took the pictures, we said goodbye and I hopped for him a nice evening....THE END oh goood I couldn't imagine having Jude only for me, I was sooo happy :)
I guess now I can I won't I want to meet him another time, hahaha
here is my picture with him, and a picture of the Donmar theater, others pictures will follow later
Inside the theater 
Me and Jude Law...Ruth Wilson behind us


  1. Congratulations!!

    Thank you for your information. I'll go to London next month.

  2. You are soooo lucky Escaflown. I swoon for Jude!

  3. Thank you, I saw also your journal and I think you are a big fan as I am, I hope that you will meet him, good luck!

  4. @carnivale7 thank you, It was the best day in my life!

  5. Escaflown thanks for the write up. That is wonderful that you got to meet him and talk to him. Your efforts paid off.
    We are planning on going in October

  6. try to have a name when you put a comment so I can recognize people coming here

  7. really happy you met him at least! And nice picture! Met him also on 15th of august and he was really amazing! photos, autographs,... it was a fantastic evening!
    He's so yummy :)! Even with the beard. Those eyes of him make you melt.

  8. i hope to meet him next week at te theater. do you know the name of the pub he uses?

  9. You are right, his eyes can make you feel something...I am not having the word now, we should create a new one for that feeling specially related to him.
    I'm sorry I cant remember the name of the Pub.

  10. escaflown, indead we should :D
    Did you find his entrance in the play also amazing?
    I found it fantastic! Not just come walking on the scene... I won't tell how for the people who did not see the play yet;)

    O and I must say this is a great blog. Here you can find the latest news about Jude.. When he comes back to London with a play in the future let it know :D I already wanna go back and see a play with. Unfortunately I couldn't go in 2009 to see Hamlet. But this play maked it all good.
    Even set up my mind of maybe going back and see the play for a second time... :)


  11. Thank you this blog is made for fans like you

    Yes the entrance of Jude in the play was amazing ,really impressive scene that is, have you seen his body sooo HOT and how huge was his arms and his torso really really sexy.
    The theater is small so it was perfect for us to stare at Jude and his body we were so cloooose that we can feel that envy to touch him....ahhhhh I cant forget that body so wet from thr rain and the sea
    there are some rumors saying that Anna Christie will be performed in Brodway like Hamlet, It will be great for the visual effects but people will not be able to look at Jude sooo close oh no we are the only ones who got that privilege lol
    I want also to attend another time the play just to see him another time so if you got a ticket for some Saturday I will buy it :)

    Jude Law Life Admin

  12. Me and my friend were looking at eachother wondering when he finally got on stage. But then... like a beast that came out of the sea ;D But a sexy and beautiful beast ;p.
    I heard it also about Broadway... But I also think they won't be able to almost touch him. At one moment I was soo staring at him that I've lost the story for a few minutes :D

    okay that's a deal for the ticket :)

  13. hahaha the same thing happened to me, I stopped following what they were saying and I was just like ghuuuuuh looking at his beautiful body.
    I've read the story before so it was fine.


  14. do you know if jude has a twitter and/or a facebookprofile?

  15. He really tries to stay private. thanks for this fantastic blog.

  16. sorry i can not make it work so you can see my name. I´m Eva

  17. Thank you for are welcome Eva

  18. yes indead jude likes to seperate his private from his professional life.

    Ps: For the people who don't know yet.
    '360' London premiere 12th october
    'Hugo' London premiere 28th november
    'Sherlock Holmes 2' London premiere 5th december

    Not yet confirmed if Jude will attend to all of these 3 premieres. He probably will attend for '360' and the Holmes movie.


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